I believe code is the meta medium of 21st century art and design

• move your mouse over the design to add color •  press the mouse to erase

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My work combines art and engineering practices as a means to explore human awareness, uncertainty, and interconnection. To this end I have been inspired to create durational experiences comprising code, gold leaf, microprocessor controlled LEDs, fiber optics, and sensors. To be appreciated they require collaboration from the viewer or performer, whose movement and sound inform and transform the underlying rhythmic patterns.

Years ago at the Whitney Museum, I stood before a Rothko and spontaneously entered the painting. I found myself immersed in a silent, sacred space, free from worry, doubt, fear, and especially, from thought. To stand in front of a Rothko painting is to be enveloped by stillness and the sublime recognition of our profound interconnection with the world around us. This occurrence, outside of the realm of anything I had previously experienced, came as a shock. And in that moment I was forever changed.

Since then I have been driven by the impulse to comprehend that which makes us conscious and to attain that same sense of surprise, curiosity, and interconnectedness in my work. My personal pursuits and professional work have been governed by these objectives.

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Building and exhibiting these performative works showed me how important it is to step outside the constant stimulation of our modern civilization and our torrent of mental activity. We need a rest from our own minds. By residing in stillness, a place beyond time, we replenish the storehouse of energy needed for the next activity, inspiration, or innovation.

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