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Laura’s evolving artworks are visual analogues to music that comprise sensed data, fiber optics, programmable LEDs, gesso, and precious metals. They require active participation from the viewer whose movement and sound transform the rhythmic patterns and evoke transcendent experiences.

    She is influenced by interlocking Shipibo designs that form vibratory geometric patterns, believed to be sung into existence by indigenous women of the Peruvian Amazon. These designs are painted on their faces, on their ceramics, woven into their textiles, and used for healing. According to Angelika Gebhart-Sayer, Professor of Ethnology, University of Marburg, "...the song-design, which saturates the patient's body and is believed to untangle distorted physical and psycho-spiritual energies, restores harmony to the somatic, psychic and spiritual systems of the patient. The designs are permanent and remain with a person's spirit even after death."

Code is the meta medium of 21st century art and design


creative practitioner • designer • technologist • educator • mentor • maker

Laura combines interdisciplinary art and engineering practice as a lens to examine the personal, cultural and spiritual.

    She asks questions…is curious…tests hunches…translates ideas into reality…applies these ideas and knowledge from one situation too another…researches and practices alone…recognizes the value of a team…listens, supports…attempts something outside of her comfort zone…sets herself challenges which stretch her abilities…

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